Welcome to EwenChiaMusic.com!

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Hi, my name is Ewen Chia and thanks for visiting EwenChiaMusic.com.

I started this website to share with you some of my songs and lyrics and more importantly, to celebrate the love of music with everyone!

I believe that music is universal, it touches all hearts and it can heal the soul…

Since I was young, I’ve listened to all types of music, from classical, folk music, pop, country, rock to even heavy metal…but I’m really into love songs and ballads.

So right on this website, I’ll be showcasing some of my own songs and I hope you’ll enjoy them…I’m more of a songwriter than a performer or vocalist and all the songs that I’ve written comes from the heart.

I’ll share with you some of these songs, and also popular songs from other people so that you may enjoy them! Thank you very much and please feel free to comment!


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