Quick Introduction…

Hi everyone, thanks for reading! I hope you’ll enjoy this site and I’m truly appreciative of your support.

Why am I doing this?

I’m not a professional singer and to be honest, I’m really apprehensive and shy about starting this website. However if I don’t do it now, I’ll probably regret NOT having done it when I’m an old and wrinkled man haha.

I believe in life, we have to pursue our goals and dreams, because time is short.

This is why I’ve decided to bite the bullet, be shameless and just take action. There are 3 main things…

- Share some of my lyrics and songs

- Spread the love of music universally 

- Have fun!

Yes of course we must always have fun :-)

As mentioned, I’ll also be sharing some nice songs from other popular singers with you.

There’re going to be some very exciting stuff coming up soon.

Bookmark this site now and subscribe to the RSS feed…and thank you once again!



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15 Responses to Quick Introduction…

  1. Kenji says:

    Very Cool Ewen =)

    At least you’ve got the courage to pursue where your passion lies.. hee. Well.. so.. when you doing your skydive ?? =P

    Take care and best of health to you and yr family =)

  2. anne ofsoske says:

    The piano is a great instrument. I enjoyed your music. Thank you for sharing your music

  3. Sally Neill says:

    HI Ewen

    How would have known how talented you were!

    You helped so many people realize their dreams online making money, so it’s about time you pursued your musical dreams.

    Very beautiful, thanks for sharing it, Sally :)

  4. Ewen says:

    Thanks Sally, I’m honored by your kind words and support!


  5. Hello Ewen,

    I have always read your emails regarding selling on the internet, yes I’m a newbie and need to learn so many things. However, this blog of yours is really nice and just wanted you to know your music moved me and I appreciate you sharing your lyrics and songs with us on the internet.

    I have a blog that really does not sell much of anything but shares the love of music as well. It’s Hundreds of pages of Free Guitar Lesson Videos Online. I’m sure you would enjoy it.

  6. Dear Ewan,
    Well what a dark horse you turned out to be! I have bought from you and been a subscriber for years, I am very pleased to see your artistic side coming out in sweet music, great stuff, it’s good to see what you have been up to in your free time, really good tunes, I’ve put our own humorist rock band website address in this form instead of the ecommerce sites you encouraged me to build because that’s not what this site is about, I hope you get a lot of exposure for this music, Our band is slightly more nutz, but it’s all about a good tune that moves us, isn’t it?
    best of luck with the tunes.
    Jellytastic, Deekstar.

  7. Ewan, I applaud you for making use of ALL of your talents! Beautiful music too I must say :)

  8. Helen Quinn says:

    wow! that song is beautiful. keep ‘em coming!

  9. Well done Ewen. I love your music and I immediately bookmarked your site. Your are a great internet marketer, teacher and now a singer. Please don’t be apprehensive or shy (as you have written in the introduction), You are doing a great job. Keep it up!

  10. Nsikakabasi says:

    Hi Ewen,
    You’re truly harnessing your talents! I thought you were all about internet marketing … I think you’re making us look inwards again- to bring out the inner passions and hobbies we’ve got to bare. Congrats!

    And the music? Quite lovely. Thanks again.

  11. Ewen says:

    Thanks so much everyone! I appreciate and read all your comments and thoughts :-)

  12. Patricia says:

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful song. It has reminded me of happy and also painful memories but I will cherish it for thru pain at times that we would grow and learn even when we were in love.

  13. Nat says:

    thanks for such a great site!
    thanks that you do pursue your dreams

    music – yeah, this is something truly awesome for me too
    like your ‘wedding’ song as one can feel it’s genuine, from your heart

    yeah, we need to pursue our dreams – this is the most important point here
    here I stumbled upon this site that tells about top 5 regrets of the dying
    - it made me think about life again

    we need to pursue our dreams – if it’s in our soul
    & then we won’t regret about things that never have been put into life

    Thanks for Your Soul

  14. broken says:

    I enjoyed this music really my brain feel light. but unfortunately I failed badly online. All my ventured sucked more money than they earned me. I’m broke and have no other option other than to work at a store for 250 dollars a month here. It’s been my decision nothing to blame anyone :|

  15. You are an absolutely amazing person Ewen, you are one of my inspiration I want to be :)

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